Casa Privada Price List

ICBF (as of a couple of years ago) requires that Casas Privadas or Instituciones Autorizadas (as they are called in Colombia) list, on the ICBF website, the prices that they charge people in order to pursue an adoption. Yesterday, the latesest list was posted. There are two columns for each Casa. The first is what they charge in Colombian Pesos to Colombian families.

Colombian families are required to go through workshops and training, as well as receive a homestudy through the Casa. They must pay fees to the Casa for this service. If, however, the Colombian family chooses to adopt through ICBF, the service of training and homestudy is FREE. Unlike here, if a family receives training from ICBF the Casas do not accept it. Therefore, a paid training is the only option if a Colombian family wishes to adopt from a Casa Privada.

Additionally, while the training with ICBF is free, so is the adoption process. The only fees a Colombian family must pay are to a private attorney (typically around $500 - 700 US) and to the Office of Civil Registry for a new Birth Certificate (US$4).

Total Cost to Colombian Family for ICBF Adoption = about US$504-$704

Total Cost to Colombian Family for Casa Privada Adoption:

CRAN = US$5288
FANA = US$4083

I was amazed to see the vast difference between the lowest cost -- CASITA DE NICOLAS and the highest cost CRAN -- a difference of $3756 dollars. In a country where the average income is around $250-$300 dollars a month, it certainly puts adoption from a Casa out of the affordability range for most Colombian families.

Juts to compare, here are the costs listed for foreign families at the same Casas.

CRAN = US$4300
FANA = US$2634
Interesting, no?


Very interesting. Thanks for the information. I assumed that after all of the rumored changes about 4 years ago, that Colombian families didn't have to pay anything for adoption via ICBF or the Casa Privadas. Very strange that they would have to pay more. I was also shocked when we were in Colombia last week to find out that one of the Casas only has about a 1 year wait for infant adoptions....way less than the 3 years I keep reading on the yahoo group. Appreciate your blog!
Megan said…
I also find this interesting...
Our "recommended" but really required "donation" to Ayudame was $10,000. Both times. And this did not include legal fees or any fees on the US side. It was $10,000 on top of all of that.

Thanks for your blog - our family really enjoys reading it!
Colombian Mommy said…
Wow Megan! I had no idea that costs were so high! It makes me wonder where the extra $6000 + goes.

I am also glad that someone is reading this blog and getting something out of it.
Colombian Mommy said…

I am also shocked. I have to admit that I have a fundamental problem with the Casas because Colombia's first goal should be to place Colombian children within their boarders. I feel that the Casas make it difficult to do that.

Additionally, we have several friends (Colombians living in Colombia) that tried to inquire about adoption and were told that their programs were full and not accepting new applicants yet shortly after hearing this I noticed on the Adopt Colombia Yahoo Group that families in the US were being approved to adopt from these same Casas.
Thank you for the info. We are adopting through Los Pisingos.

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