Interesting ICBF statistics

The Director of the Protective Custody division of ICBF, Adriana Gonzalez Maxcyclak, recent held a conference for the Family Advocates from 9 departments and Bogota. In her address, she revealed the following statistics:

1 - There are currently more that 60,000 children in protective custody.

2 - 15,054 of them are in protective custody because of abuse

3 - 7,594 are victims of sexual violence

4 - 3,859 are in custody because of substance abuse

5 - 3,031 were homeless

6 - 1,562 were malnourished


3 years since we started the process. Initially, we requested a 6 yr old female child. They deleted that list and approved us for a 5-6 y/o and stuck us on that list. We requested to be put on the 7 y/o thinking it would be quicker. Still nothing...... 2 yrs + total wait time. =( dislike.

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