Here are my picks for this blog's top 10 adoption related posts.

#1 The Best Thing We Did in Bogota

#2 Adult Adoptees Perspective on Name Change

#3 What Adult Colombian Adoptees Wish Their Parents Knew

#4 You Family's New Culture

#5 Transracial Parenting -- this post was provided to me by a fellow adoptive mother --THANKS AGAIN!

#6 Searching for Birth Families

#7 Older Child Adoption, What We Wish We Had Known -- this post was also provided to me by a fellow adoptive mother -- THANKS AGAIN!

#8 Does Your Child (even one adopted as a toddler) Need ESL

#9 Preparation for Coming Home and its partner post The Car Seat

#10 Dual Citizenship


Diane Brule said…
Congratulations on three years! Thanks for all of the great info you've shared!!
Colombian Mommy said…
Thank you! It has been a fun experience.
Tom & Carrie said…
Congratulations! Your blog is an inspiration to all of us who have adopted or are adopting from Colombia. It is a wealth of information!
Thank you!
Colombian Mommy said…
Thanks Carrie! I appreciate your help with information on Tolima and Ibague.

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